Inregistrarile in studiourile profesionale

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Inregistrarile in studiourile profesionale

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Incepem discutia cu un articol excellent - cititi si intrebarile /raspunsurile dupa sfirsitul articolului.

"Today’s great equipment designers came up studying the fundamentals of analog design, and learned digital design and processing during the evolution of digital. This has led to a hybrid approach of using colorful transformers and tubes alongside super-clean analog and digital processing for the best of both worlds. Recording artists like Lenny Kravitz led the way to digital, and then reverted back to analog, showing us the extremes of each medium. I think almost everyone is now satisfied that by using good sounding analog gear and even affordable converters, digital recording is not only acceptable, but can sound downright amazing."

". Fortunately, tape machines have not been out of use for very long, and the techs and engineers at top studios still remember how to align and maintain analog machines. Unfortunately, the companies that made 2-inch tape have all closed their doors. Some new companies have done a good job picking up the pieces, and have been manufacturing analog tape for a few years. While the quality and sonics of the new tape is not exactly the same as the best tape of late 90’s, the stock is very good and totally useable. It is, however, expensive, with a reel of half-inch running about $100, and a new reel of 2” tape from ATR or RMGI fetching just over $300.

Nowadays the Pro Tools rig has taken the place of the tape machines in almost every studio, and a premium has to be paid to use the analog machines, if they are even still available. "

"For the drums and bass, the tape certainly added a punchiness that would otherwise take a bit of processing to achieve. The electric guitars benefited from the rounding off that the tape provided on certain tracks and on others I like the clarity of digital signal.
Acoustic guitar didn’t really work for me on tape, and piano was a mixed bag.
For day-to-day recording I don’t have the luxury of tape, but for the important projects or the special case where a certain color is desired, tape can certainly add its sonic signature." ... s-digital/

Trecem apoi la Blue Coast Records - un studio nou, din 2007. Am luat citeva cduri de la ei, si toate suna fantastic.
Iata si povestea lor

"Blue Coast Records was founded by producer/engineer Cookie Marenco and French engineer Jean Claude Reynaud in 2007.The first record from Blue Coast Records, Blue Coast Collection, was released in an SACD format. Marenco also founded OTR Studios, a recording studio located on the San Francisco Peninsula. OTR also serves as the home base for Blue Coast Records.

The label is known for their 96k and DSD hi-resolution downloads and their monthly special events, where they record musicians live and hours later make the music available for download. Most of their recordings are done using 2" analog tape, and using the labels’ proprietary recording technique Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.). Releases are always recorded in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects.

Combining the richness of analog tape with the latest innovations in digital audio, called Direct Stream Digital (DSD), Marenco launched Blue Coast Records in 2007. Blue Coast Collection was heralded as one of the finest acoustic recordings by many critics and has become a reference standard for manufacturers to test the accuracy of their systems.

As one of the industry’s biggest supporters of Direct Steam Digital (DSD), a format which offers 64 times the resolution of traditional CDs, and a much more life-like quality than MP3 tracks, Marenco speaks openly about her audio preferences"
... living a vi(ntage)king analog lifestyle in a digital world ...

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Re: Inregistrarile in studiourile profesionale

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Interesant articol. E greu sa gasesti oameni nonbiased in zilele astea.


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