Foarte tare

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Foarte tare

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Stire de astazi urmata de ceva umor american

"DENTON, Texas — A man in Denton, Texas who was expecting a shipment of tools instead received a 30-pound brick of marijuana that police say is worth more than $10,000. Officer Ryan Grelle says the man opened the box Monday night, realized it contained drugs and contacted police.

The package from the Pharr area was handled by UPS in McAllen on Jan. 6. and apparently was intended for a Dallas address.

The Denton Record-Chronicle reports no such address exists in Dallas, so the package wound up 40 miles to the northwest at the similar address in Denton." ceva comentarii - INCA MAI EXISTA UMOR !!!! Unele replici sint dureros de tari !

- I wish they had delivered it to me

- Now let's see who has the balls to file their ups insurance claim for delivering to the wrong address...

-I think the full story said the guy drove the brick to the police station. Can you imagine if he got pulled over by a policeman ?

Officer: where are you going with that 30 lb. brick of Marijuana?
Man: oh, officer, it was mailed to me incorrectly, and I'm driving it to the police station.
Office: yeah right

-Question: If it came to the wrong address, why did he open it?

-Legalize pot, and stop the loss of Marijuana

-What to do??? Keep it. Sell some. Smoke some. Then, end up paranoid about who might come looking for it. Or, turn it in and save your piece of mind

-I'd take the brick over tools any day

-Similar case occurred in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC last year, except that law enforcement was tracking the package. They raided the house, restrained the occupants, killed the occupants two dogs (who were not attacking), only to discover the package had been delivered to the incorrect address! Unfortunately for law enforcement, the occupant was also the local mayor.

-Somewhere out there, a stoner is trying to smoke a wrongly delivered shipment of tools

-sounds like somebody got a little confused... the return address was supposed to be the fake one

-Maybe UPS should change their name to OOPS?

-una tare acum - presedintele Bush se va muta de miine inapoi in Texas, intr-o suburbie din Dallas - un comentator - " Hmmmm...what is lonesome George's new address in Dallas?? Maybe he just didn't have it memorized yet ......"

-Smoke that crap AFTER you address and mail the package....I'm surprised the receipient turned it in...oh yeah, its Texas...Ready, shoot, aim....Unless you live in Austin...more like Ready, Shoot, SMOKE

-$20 an ounce ? -- when is the next train to Denton, TX? :D

-What an Idiot calling the Police, meanwhile a burglary is ignored, and real crime stats go up

-Gots to start ordering me some tools - you never know ! :D :D

-This article is useless. It doesn't tell us what tools he was trying to get!Wasn't hemostats, for sure

-$10,500? That comes to only $5.46 a quarter oz. At that price, how can you afford *not* to smoke?

-How can the police estimate street value? If a product is illegal, it seems that you can't run comparables like you can when buying or selling property. But I would love to see a website for drug comparables, like Too bad that name is already taken

-Thirty pounds and it is only worth $10,500.00??
Either that is a misprint, or this is some really dismal ditchweed. No wonder the guy didn't keep it

-no such address,,,,,hmmm, i betting someone at UPS is involved. why would the seller ship that much weed to a non-existant address? someone was supposed to intercept it at UPS and messed up. a real life 'weeds' episode !and i wonder if the regular driver for that area was home sick that day...

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Re: Foarte tare

Post by Alexx »

Somewhere out there, a stoner is trying to smoke a wrongly delivered shipment of tools
Tari de tot, intr-adevar :lol:

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