NIRO - Japan at its finest

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NIRO - Japan at its finest

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Niro (NAKAMICHI) - componente din seria ENGINE" onclick=";return false; - PREAMP and POWER


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To get to the 'root' of NIRO, you should know the parent company's name: Mechanical Research Corporation
In NIRO's 1000 Power Engine, each heat-sink is a sub-assembly containing a push-pull output transistor pair, mounted immediately adjacent to one another to ensure thermal parity. Nakamichi explains, 'Using a dedicated subassembly for each transistor pair promotes uniform, efficient dissipation across all the fins with no "hot spots".'

Nakamichi mounted the heat-sinks with specially-designed supports that prevent the transmission of vibration. These mounts use a custom-made, conductive, non-magnetic gold-plated alloy, while the heat sink fins vary in length. Thus, any resonance from external sources, including excitation due to a speaker's high sound pressure levels, will be 'diffused' over a range of frequencies. Moreover, the heat sinks are fitted with a 3mm-thick resonance-damping bar, the structure also ensuring uniform heat distribution, a reduction in the time required to reach stable operating temperatures, and the prevention of external vibrations from interfering with the audio circuitry.
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